::Daily Spread::1.24.13::


You’ve got your mind on your money and your money on your mind. What you’re realizing is that you don’t necessarily need MORE money (though that would be nice), but rather you need to be more careful with the money you’ve got. Saving and financial responsibility are something you’ll be good at right now. With just a few cutbacks and a little penny-pinching, you should be fine. You can still have fun and do some of the things that are extra in your life, but you’ll be better at responsibility than you have been in the past. Do things in moderation. Eat more meals at home. Find free activities to do.
If you’re saving for something fun you will likely find it easier now to tuck extra cash away.
If you’ve been thinking about asking for some financial help such as a loan from a family member or even government assistance, you might find that you’re not as bad off as you thought you’d be.

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