::Daily Spread::1.25.13::


It looks like the theme of this reading is disappointment. You might find that the fun and exciting thing you had planned for the weekend is cancelled. Or maybe the person you really wanted to go with can’t make it. Or maybe you’ll go do the fun and exciting thing only to find that it wasn’t fun and exciting at all. The bummer is that you really could use a fun night. Try not to be too discouraged. There will be other fun times and other exciting opportunities. Unfortunately not every reading comes with silver linings attached. Many do. Many offer great advice about how to deal with difficult situations or roadblocks ahead.
Sometimes the truth of the matter is that there will always be days when things just aren’t going your way. The lesson here is that bad days will go just as quickly as they came in. Disappointments will soon be replaced with new opportunities and things to be hopeful for. Like the lightning in the Tower card, this is only a flash.
On a more fortune-tellery note, you might hear some bad news about a friend.

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