::Daily Spread::1.27.13::


You’re ready to move on and move forward, but you’re still being held down by thoughts and dreams and stresses of old problems. If the old problem is actually still a problem then it is high time you address it. You have a lot of opportunities coming up and you really don’t want to miss out on any of them because you’re still dealing with this. Don’t let previous failures or losses negatively impact your life any more than they already have. Don’t become so focused on that loss that it becomes a vicious cycle and causes you to lose out on a whole lot more.
If this matter is actually in the past but you’re still being influenced by it, then obviously you haven’t dealt with it properly. It could help to talk to the people you went through this with, or people who were there for you at the time. If it’s more of a large-scale issue, you can find support groups in your area or on the internet where you might be able to learn from people who have been through what you’ve been through.
Its time to take control, remove the chains of the past and move forward.

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