::Daily Spread::1.29.13::


It’s tough telling people things you know they don’t want to hear. Unfortunately, that’s the position you’re in right now. You’ve already decided that you have to have this conversation, even though it’s going to take you way outside of your comfort zone, so all thats left is actually doing it. Maybe your relationship is having some problems and it’s time to address them. Maybe your relationship is over and it’s time to cut ’em loose. It might just be time to have a serious talk with a friend about their behavior, or you’ve got to tell someone at work they aren’t doing such a great job. Whatever it is, you know that having this talk is necessary.
Delivering bad news sucks, but you’ve weighed the pros and cons and you just really should. If there is a problem, its not fair to you or the other person to let it continue. If the problem is something that can be fixed, your talking about it is the only way to get that ball rolling. Let them know how their actions have impacted your life and how they could possibly make things better. If you give constructive criticism rather than a judgmental rant, the situation will likely end positively. It might take a little discomfort, but son things will be back to normal.

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