::Daily Spread::1.31.13::


This is a pretty exciting reading. Looks like things are on the up and up. You’ll likely get some pretty good, surprising news today. The best part about this is that the good thing that’s coming is either something you’re not expecting, something that you’d forgotten about or maybe even something you’d just given up on. Whatever it is, the surprise aspect of it will be the most fun. What else is great is that it’s something you’ll really appreciate. If it’s money you’re getting, you won’t spend it frivolously, but rather tuck it away for something special. If you end up finding something you thought you’d lost, or end up getting something you thought you wouldn’t get in the first place, you’ll appreciate it with sincerity.
The Sun card is one of the luckier cards in the deck. It represents satisfaction, achievement and happiness, so it’s always great to see in a reading.

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