::Daily Spread::2.3.13::


This is sort of a bummer of a reading. This is the vicious cycle that stress creates. Sometimes when you get to thinking about something that isn’t going your way you start thinking about all of the things that aren’t going your way and situations in the past that have left you stressed and depressed. When this starts to happen it’s hard to see how things will ever turn around. It’s hard to see how things could possibly get better. The important thing to try and remember is that things will always turn around. It is only your current perception of things that makes them seem hopeless. Just like good times never last forever, bad times never last forever either.
If this isn’t you but someone close to you, it’s important to remind them of the fact that this is only temporary. Remind them of the good things that they aren’t able to see right now. Remind them that things are never hopeless and that they only appear that way.
This reading is also a good reminder that you never know what’s going on with a person by looking at them. So much can be going on under the surface that you have no idea about. Be kind to people today and spread a message of hope, even to people who don’t look like they need it.

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