::Daily Spread::2.4.13::


The issue today is that the two of you just can’t seem to get along. It’s not that you’re arguing necessarily, it’s more that you’re two very different people when it comes to basic, important factors. One of you is a doer and the other is a thinker. One of you takes immediate action when a problem arises while the other needs to allow for a little panic time before any action can be taken. One of you knows just how you feel at all times while the other needs to analyze their emotions to make sure they make sense. Most importantly, and probably the factor that won’t allow you two to mesh well, is the fact that one of you is the giver and one of you is the taker in the relationship. A lot of relationships work with this dichotomy, but for it to be successful, both parties must do a little giving and taking. And this is not to say that being a giver or a taker is bad, it’s just that ultimately you realize it isn’t fulfilling to be just one of those.
This relationship, whatever the capacity, can work, it just needs some better awareness of who is playing what role, and some discussion of how each role can be more fluid.

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