::Daily Spread::2.6.13::


Today you’ll likely feel the inspiration to ‘get back into’ something you used to do in your life that was of a spiritual nature. You might feel the sudden urge to start meditating again, or start going to church, or get back into that yoga class. Or maybe you found that book about chakras you never finished reading when you lifted up the couch in your search for the remote control. Whatever it is you’re picking up again, it’s definitely a good thing. You’ve been needing that stillness and comfort that some of the more spiritual activities can give and today will place the opportunity or idea right in your path. I especially like yoga for this. If done with a good instructor it can be great for both body and spirit.
Whatever it is you decide to pick back up again, it will likely stick this time and help you start to see things differently. You likely let this go to they wayside before because your life just wasn’t ready for it. You were likely too busy, as that seems to be an epidemic. If this thing or activity really makes you feel like you can learn and grow, then make time for it. If it feels important then make it a priority.

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