::Daily Spread::2.8.13::


Today’s reading is about recovery after an ending and realizing that not only do things happen for a reason, but also that we can learn from everything that happens. Something ended recently, and as sad as it might make you, it’s important to realize that every ending makes room for new opportunities, new experiences and new growth. This ending is a reminder to be aware of and grateful for the things we have that haven’t left or ended or changed. From this ending you can learn how to handle yourself when these things occur. Learn to allow yourself to grieve without getting stuck in anger. Learn to forgive and truly wish the best for people even if they’ve hurt you. If your ending involves money or employment, use this opportunity to appreciate what you have. Ask yourself what the really important things in life are and if you can still have those things with less money. The universe could even be telling you that you need to be better about saving for a rainy day. What better way to show you that than giving you a rainy day when you’re unprepared?

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