::Daily Spread::2.9.13::


Emotionally things are about to get easier. You’ll be more able to stay steady through this roller-coastery time. You’ll find that soon people are more willing and able to lend an emotional hand and that you yourself are having an easier time handling what you have been going through.
Or it may be that you find some common ground with a person who has always seemed so different from you. This person might randomly show you a softer side that you’d been beginning to suspect didn’t exist.
There is an element of secrecy too all of this though. You might find that friends and acquaintances will give you comfort without necessarily needing to know exactly what’s going on, which would allow you to keep some things private. You might find that the common ground you discover comes in the form of a shared secret or a shared past private experience. You might even find out that you’ve got a secret admirer.
Whatever it is, it seems positive and exciting an should make for an interesting day.

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