::Daily Spread::2.22.13::


The word for today is stagnation. You can’t quite shake it. You can’t let it go or get it out of your head. It’s over and done with for everyone else, but you’re stuck thinking and replaying it over and over. It’s unfortunate because it’s really time to let it go and move on. Perhaps the people around you who have successfully moved on seem to be taking it too lightly and that’s pissing you off. Don’t let it. People process things differently and one person’s inconsiderate joke might just be the way they are comfortable dealing with this. It might also be frustrating that nobody wants to talk about it or even acknowledge the problems at hand. When this happens, it’s best not to force the issue. Take comfort in talking to people who will lend a sympathetic ear even though they might not be directly involved in what’s going on. Turn to your friends. Turn to your family. Turn to people who will understand and sympathize with your situation because it’s happening to you. Getting things off your chest will make it easier to face the people who were involved.
Make the conscious decision to leave your problems at the door when beginning new things today. Don’t let the tragedy of yesterday become the bad mood of today.

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