::Daily Spread::2.25.13::


Today you’ll have the choice of how to handle the situations you find yourself in. The first choice, and likely the easier of the two choices, will be to go into stress-freak-out-panic mode. This choice, while accomplishing nothing, is the choice that will make things easier for you. You might not think that freaking out and stressing all day should be considered ‘easier,’ but really it allows you to focus on how you feel about the problem rather than the problem itself. It’s escapist, self-centered behavior.
The other option is to face the problem head on and solve it before it gets out of hand. The cards today suggest going to an expert in the field hat your problem is in, or someone you know and trust who has likely been through the same problem before. If you ask for help or advice it will likely be given and this person will likely be more than happy to share with you what they know.
So. How are you going to react today? Are you going to waste valuable time stressing or are you going to actively try to fix the problem?

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