::Daily Spread::2.28.13::


Is there anything behind the gossip you’ve been hearing, or is it just fueled by jealousy? Are the claws out and catty remarks flying, or are some genuine concerns being raised? Is someone being cut back down to size or just cut down? Is there a situation that should really be handled with actions instead of just words? If so, be the one to take charge and do something. If the rumors are about something serious, then either address the problem or stop talking about it.
Sometimes gossip happens because people find themselves in a similar stressful situation, or find themselves united against some common annoyance. Other times gossip happens because people are insecure and need to put someone else down to make themselves feel better or they need someone to blame for a problem they can’t handle.
There is a difference between venting about someone and malicious gossip, so which one is this and do you want to be a part of something like that?
If you find yourself in the midst of a shit-talking session your first question should be ‘is this any of my business?’ If it is because it’s about someone you care about and is potentially serious, then do something about it. If it isn’t, then excuse yourself from the conversation, at the very least.
Issues involving communication, like gossip and rumors, can get very messy when Mercury is in retrograde, as it is now. So watch what you say and watch what you let others get away with saying to you. You don’t want to be dragged into another persons mess.

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