::Daily Spread::3.5.13::


Oh Lordy. The dreaded Black Rider and the Sacré Cœur. People always freak when these cards show up, so when they show up together it’s a double gasp. When I was a kid listening to my grandmother read playing cards, the Three of Spades meant your troubles are growing, not necessarily that those troubles were romantic in nature. It could also mean a betrayal, which could of course lead to relationship problems. The bottom line is that you likely won’t be dying soon, let alone of a broken heart.
Death in this reading is urging you to stop dwelling on pain. It’s over and done with and there’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t allow the upset to continue any longer. The Ace of Swords is making me think of a psychological technique used to avoid driving yourself into a panic attack called Thought Stopping. This could be applied to not inly thoughts that cause anxiety, but also thoughts that cause sorrow. If you think you’ve been dwelling too much on a painful past, search for thought stopping techniques online, it might do you good. Or at least keep you from crying at work.

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