::Daily Spread::3.26.13::


If today you feel like you’ve got too much going on, too much to get done, and everyone is presenting you with obstacles rather than assistance, take a minute to think about how busy everyone else is also. It’s easy to fall into ‘I’m the only one doing anything’ thinking, but it will only add more stress to what you’ve already got going on. Don’t rely on others to help you today. Take on a do it yourself attitude and you won’t be so concerned about your perception that everyone else has it easy. You might even be pleasantly surprised when someone sees your work ethic in action and decides to help out.

2 Replies to “::Daily Spread::3.26.13::”

  1. Like your interpretation of this. Yes, too much going on and if I want it done, then I will have to do it myself. My partner is on his Easter Hols and he is always the King of Cups but at present it is he who has the time to sit around, sipping glasses of fine red wine, telling me to relax and take a break. A bit of a contrast I think. I see me as the 10 and 7 of Wands battling uphill as usual. However, he has passed comments that I am super disciplined and achieving things while he sits around. He is a school teacher and I do not begrudge him his break at all so am not really irked by any of it. Your cards and interpretation just seemed so apt today. Thanks,


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