::Daily Spread::5.31.13::


It might be an annoying, if not difficult day as someone shows up with a ‘my way or the high way’ attitude. You might get flack from a boss or some other strong female who doesn’t like what you’ve done simply because it’s new or different from how she would have done it. Even though your way works, and might even be better, you won’t likely see much praise for it. Unfortunately, trying to explain the whys and hows of your process won’t likely do much to change this person’s opinion. It’s not about you or how you do things, it’s about pride.
If you are the one being presented with a new or different way to approach a situation, check it out before you shoot it down. Just because someone does things differently than you would, or differently than how things have always been done, that doesn’t mean that your way is less somehow.

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