::Daily Spread::6.11.13::

Today’s reading is about giving in to the more rational aspects of your thinking and understanding that your wild ambitions must be tempered with practical consideration and hard work if they are going to come to fruition. Instead of making sudden changes and leaps forward, you realize that it would maybe be irresponsible to do so blindly. It could also be that someone is reminding you to be rational and is pointing out the potential flaws and problems in your new plan.
Today we are reminded of our responsibilities, and while that can take the win out of your sails a little bit, you can use that desire for change and freedom to alter your daily life. You can find ways to work towards those goals without shirking other responsibilities. Be appreciative of those who are keeping your feet on the ground. They want you to follow your dreams, but they want you to do so with maturity and responsibility.

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