::Daily Spread::7.9.13::


You wont be able to reach your full potential today if you’re too worried about a certain person’s opinion of you. She might have given you some grief in the past, or maybe she has expectations of you that have been a little too high, but to become too focused on that will just be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Maybe this is your chance to show her that she was wrong to assume you weren’t up to the task. Forget about how things played out before. Do your best and you might find that she’s rooting for you this time.

One Reply to “::Daily Spread::7.9.13::”

  1. Oh my Tuesday was so extreme! I had to deal with a grouch of a woman offending me by blockading my space. Calling me a freeloader was just enough to want to prove her ass wrong wrong wrong. Nice reading and very fitting for my needs.

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