::Daily Spread::8.5.13::


One of these things is not like the other today, and the odd man out might be you. It’s in your best interest, however, to be the odd man out today, because it looks like everybody else is taking things way too seriously. Your best bet is to try and keep up those hippy-dippy good vibes and keep to yourself until the friction settles down. If you get pulled into the mix it will only make things worse.
You might also find yourself celebrating some piece of good news by yourself as others don’t seem to be in the mood to congratulate your good fortune.

One Reply to “::Daily Spread::8.5.13::”

  1. I totally feel this way today! Ugh. Just talking to my mother about homey issues brings my “hippy-dippy” attitude down a lot! Some good news, I do want to know about haha.

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