::Daily Spread::9.3.13::


The cards for today caution us against making big decisions right now. This is likely because out current view of a situation is being influenced more by recent events than the big picture of how things are. If a situation has recently become too stressful, too much work, or seemingly not worth it, ask yourself it those are more recent thoughts and feelings or if it’s always been that way. Don’t be too harsh or critical of a person or situation just because things have been difficult lately. Remember that things can become enjoyable again just as quickly as they became problematic.
If this refers to a romantic relationship, as the Lovers often does, one party is giving it their all while the other party does little or nothing for the relationship. If this is something that has developed recently, have a conversation about what has changed and about why it has become imbalanced. If it’s always been this way, it might have recently become an obvious problem. Express your feelings, but don’t give up just yet. It might not haw occurred to the other person that there is a problem, so give them time to fix things.

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