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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Theresa Reed of The Tarot Lady for her blog series Talkin Tarot. Theresa is a wonderful reader and a metaphysical business guru. On top of that, she is a beacon of community in a field that is so often littered with competition. You can check out the post about me here. You can also do yourself a huge favor and book a reading with Theresa.

::Daily Spread::9.6.13::


The external world might not offer you much comfort today. What’s going on emotionally takes precedent. You might experience disinterest, dissatisfaction and maybe even a little depression as the Moon reversed brings somber tones. If you are experiencing these things, take comfort in the fact that it’s only temporary. To help make it better, go along with what you’re presented with today, even if you don’t really feel like it. Being active will help turn the day around, especially if you’d rather just go back to bed.

::Daily Spread::9.5.13::


You might get some news or confirmation today that things are going your way and that obstacles you thought you’d have to face won’t be nearly as tough. It could be as simple as deciding that today you’re not letting things get to you. Instead of getting bogged down in the annoying details, looking at the bigger picture will allow you to get through it without much fuss.
You also might hear a story about a friend or acquaintance who has really kept a stiff upper lip during a trying time and this will help give you the strength to do the same.

::Daily Spread::9.4.13::


The Wheel of Fortune pulls us into a fantastic new phase. A period of joy an celebration waits for you if you allow the changes that are coming to happen naturally rather than forcing or fighting them. You might find yourself getting back into old routines or unfinished projects with a new enthusiasm. Old friends bring joy and perspective.
It could be that you’ve come to look on a past experience with more understanding. You could come to terms with an issue that once was painful to think about. You’ll soon be able to take away from it what you learned and what you loved and leave behind what isn’t useful. You’ll soon be in a place where you can let go of grudges and just be grateful for the experience.
Whatever it is, the tides are changing, and for the better.