::Daily Spread::12.14.12::


Writer’s block, procrastination, boredom, fatigue. Those are the words for today. You’re giving up too much of yourself at your ‘day job’ and it isn’t allowing your creativity to flow freely. Don’t let the b.s. weigh you down today. Forget worrying about work today, forget worrying about chores and errands. All of those things will be waiting for you on Monday. You might find your energy levels and creativity on the rise if you set aside the practical details for awhile.

::Daily Spread::12.13.12::


Crisis averted, but you’re still stick thinking about it. Its like PTSD from something that didn’t end up happening. Its time to decompress and let go of the stress. Take a bath, have a cup of coffee in the backyard, give thanks that nothing is wrong and move on.

::Daily Spread::12.6.12::


Today might not be a great day for the heart. Its painful when you begin to realize what isn’t working and who is causing you more trouble than they’re worth. The upside is that when you recognize who or what is a problem, you are presented with a choice to either work on it or allow it to leave your life. Whatever it is that you decide, try to be honest with yourself about what is really the best for you. This sort of honesty can be difficult if love is involved, but it is really what should be tried for. Choose the love that helps you grow, not the love that keeps you down.

::Daily Spread::12.5.12::


Shake off that lethargy and go get ’em, because today you sort of have to. The vaguely frantic energy of today will bring up a long list of to-do’s, and even though you don’t really feel like dealing with it, you’ll surprise yourself with what you’re able to get done. It might be hectic, and you might get frustrated, but if you push through the rough patches you’ll have plenty of time to relax and celebrate. If possible, try to get a bunch of stuff done early in the day. You’ll want to be free later just in case something fun comes up.