Daily Spread: 12.3.12


You may be feeling like you are the center of some unfortunate drama, or that you’ve been a disappointment because of your inability to help, but that’s not entirely the case. If you are usually the one people go to for advice in how to solve a problem, it may be difficult to do so at this time because you are too distracted by the problem itself. Once you are able to look beyond the negative aspects of what is going on and realize the potential for this situation to benefit those involved you will be able o communicate that positivity and reclaim your role as helpful advisor.

Daily Spread: 12.2.12


You’ve successfully made it out of the rut and you can finally see things starting to pick up again. New opportunities and surprising developments are on the horizon and its up to you to take advantage. Don’t let where you’ve come from keep you from where you’re going. You might catch yourself second-guessing the good things that are coming, but what’s the use in that? You’ve earned it, you deserve it, so snap yourself out of it and grab the bull by the horns.