A card to the floor…

There is an old saying in cartomancy, one that i heard my own grandma say countless times when a card would launch itself out of her hands while shuffling for a game of rummy, that a card to the floor comes to the door. The idea behind this saying is that there is a message so important in the current moment, and the universe so insistent on your hearing this message, that a card or cards will jump out of the deck to get your attention. These would be taken as an omen that something is about to happen, the benefit or detriment depending on the card.

This morning, as i sat waiting for the tea kettle, shuffling my cards for my morning meditation, the Queen of Spades, Amor #42, in the unfortunately named G*psy Witch playing card deck, shot out of the deck mid-shuffle, and i was reminded of this saying. This card promises love and affection, but is also a reminder to guard against letting desire to cloud our better judgement. Stay sharp like the Queen of Swords. Don’t fall for flattery.

My thoughts on this deck are too many for this post, but I am planning a full dive into it over the coming weeks. It is a gorgeous deck, and one that I use often, but the glaring problem of name remains. More to come on that problem, and my proposed solution. Watch this space.


::Daily Spread::6.14.13::

You might find that projects are best worked on alone today. There’s a sense of renewed focus and desire to get things done, but working with a partner might slow things up a bit. When your ideas are flowing and you’re ready to put them into action, it’s sometimes hard to do if another person isn’t on the same page. A constructive way to deal with this would be to divide tasks so you can work alone together. Use this energy to your advantage and focus on your individual path. If you don’t get the chance to work alone, write down your plans an ideas and save them for later.

::Daily Spread::12.21.12::


Sometimes you wait and wait and hope and hope for something to happen in your life only to find out that it didn’t make you happy and it didn’t make all of your problems go away. This probably suggests that you aren’t very focused on what’s truly important right now. It’s easy to get distracted, especially around the holidays, by objects and gifts and possessions. Maybe you need to be more honest with yourself about what WILL make you happy. Chances are that you’ll find it isn’t money or things or some messy unrequited love situation. Reevaluate the things you are hoping for at this time. Will you be truly happy when you get them?

On the Other Hand: Get gift receipts. Maybe you got the wrong size, wrong color. Maybe the big surprise gift you ordered isn’t going to be delivered on time. Don’t get upset if you goofed up a gift. It’s the thought that counts, and gifts aren’t what’s important anyway.

::Daily Spread::12.20.12::

Everyone goes through phases in life where they feel that they aren’t good enough, or aren’t capable, or aren’t living up to their potential. This is partially true right now. You aren’t living up to your potential because you are still being held back by the false notion that you aren’t good enough. Only you can break the cycle of this self-fulfilling prophecy. The world is your oyster, but you don’t have the balls to pick up the knife and crack it open. What are you waiting for? There are so many opportunities right now to change things. All you have to do is reach for it.